¨How awesome was the Saturday night Twilight Session with Yoyo Tuki, The venue was packed and pumping with this wonderful island sound¨. 
O´Heart Festival 2018 - Tyalgum, Australia.


"Yoyo Tuki, the voice of the island Rapa Nui"
"His songs reclaim Rapa Nui culture, communion with nature and the respect for the ancestors of the place. An artist that is different, committed with the idea of promoting the culture of his ancestral people. The Rapanui voice, the voice, with music and lyrics from the most isolated island of the world"

La Contradejaen - Spain


 "Yoyo Tuki is a talented musician and visionary artist from Rapa Nui, mixing tradition and musical styles ( jazz , fusion, pop, folk ... ). Through his songs he carries the message of union of the Polynesians, pride of their origins
and the conservation of these,in an ocean as vast as Europe." 

My-Tahiti - The social Polynesian network, Tahiti 


"Yoyo Tuki has been performing music since he was 17, and mostly in his Rapa Nui language.
In fact, maintaining Rapa Nui culture and promoting and preserving
the traditional language is at the heart of his creative
process musically." 

Pacific Break, ABC Radio Australia


"Yoyo sings predominantly in his native Rapa Nui language, yet successfully fuses Polynesian roots with modern
arrangements and intricate melodies. An enchanting mix: From calm emotive songs, to reggae influenced tunes,
to culture inspired music. The crowd was entranced to the last chord."
The Norfolk Window, Norfolk Island


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Latest News

Yoyo Tuki - Streets of Our Town  

Thank you Nance Haxton from Streets of Our Town, Australia for issuing this online article and interview about Yoyo's work, career and cultural background. Click here to read the full interview.

Cultura Do Resto Do Mundo - Brazil 

Brazilian digital magazine 'Cultura Do Resto Do Mundo' publishes the article: 'Gigantes de piedra’ (‘stone giants’), in which they make a special mention about Yoyo’s music career and life: ‘One of the Rapa Nui speakers that deserves to be highlighted is Yoyo Tuki, born and raised on Easter Island. Yoyo Tuki is a musician and cultural ambassador for Rapa Nui. Member of a family of great cultural relevance, he was influenced by his grandfather "Mana Roa", one of the great sculptors of the island. With tours and festivals in Australia, Polynesia, South America, the United States and Europe, the musician is one of the most important artists in the Rapa Nui scene’.Click here to read the full article.

The last songs of Gaia, BBC Radio 

Yoyo had the pleasure to contribute to BBC Radio’s podcast ‘The last songs of Gaia’. How are the world’s musicians, sound artists and poets responding to climate change, wildlife crises and the frightening number of species disappearing around the world today? Click here to read the full interview.

Yoyo Tuki performs an exclusive concert for National Geographic in his Rapa Nui homeland! 

On March 27th, Yoyo performed an intimate and exclusive open air concert for the crew of National Geographic's cruise ship THE ORION. Joined by local Rapa Nui musicians and traditional dancers, they performed at the breath taking beach of Anakena. Known for being a place of deep historical and spiritual importance to its people as is where the king Hotu Matu'a landed with the first Rapa Nui settlement. The audience was delighted with an amazing music performance from one of the island's most recognized international artists and a display of the traditional dance and costumes. 'Kia Hio' - 'Stay Strong'!



Rapa Nui Cultural Experience 

Yoyo will be presenting for the first time this very special cultural experience that he has created with the hope to bring people closer to his culture, their music, arts and rich history. First time in Australia and hopefully presenting it to international audiences. If you are interested in having Yoyo host this event at your country, city or town please send us an email! Aroha Nui!

Small Island Big Song - Best of The World 2018, Songlines Magazine. UK. 

Yoyo Tuki, as one of feature artists of the amazing project and collaborative of Small Island Big Song have been chosen as one of the top 10 Best of The World Albums by UK based heavy weight World Music Magazine Songlines! Yoyo's song 'Ka Va'ai Mai Koe' was chosen as the recommended track of the album by Seth Jordan, Songlines, UK!!!  Click here to go the official page.

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