Yoyo Tuki - Austronesian Art Exhibition in Taiwan

Yoyo had the absolute honour to be one of the Austronesian Cultural Custodians to be part of the new art exhibition of highly respected and renown indigenous Taiwanese painter of the Amis tribe Yosifu. Entitled 'Embrace', Yoyo has 3 painted…

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Yoyo Tuki - Performing at BRISFEST 2021

Yoyo will be performing at BRISFEST 2021, the biggest festival in the city of Brisbane QLD, Australia. Joined by his band and traditional dancers, Yoyo will be sharing the music, culture & stories of Rapa Nui with the Brisbane audience…

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Yoyo Tuki - Streets of Our Town

Thank you Nance Haxton from Streets of Our Town, Australia for issuing this online article and interview about Yoyo's work, career and cultural background. Click here to read the full interview.

Cultura Do Resto Do Mundo - Brazil

Brazilian digital magazine 'Cultura Do Resto Do Mundo' publishes the article: 'Gigantes de piedra’ (‘stone giants’), in which they make a special mention about Yoyo’s music career and life: ‘One of the Rapa Nui speakers that deserves to be highlighted…

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The last songs of Gaia, BBC Radio

Yoyo had the pleasure to contribute to BBC Radio’s podcast ‘The last songs of Gaia’. How are the world’s musicians, sound artists and poets responding to climate change, wildlife crises and the frightening number of species disappearing around the world…

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